Osteopathy in your neighbourhood

Welcome to Osteopathy Happy Molecules, now available in Dresden!

The service addresses small and tall people:

  • women in all stages of life with female-related kinds of discomfort,
  • before, during and after pregnancy.

It is also suitable for individuals suffering from:

  • chronic diseases,
  • certain acute troubles,
  • long-term-effects after having suffered a concussion,
  • an injury,
  • hormonal changes,
  • a surgery or an accident.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy, which detects tensions in the body and uses specific techniques to resolve them. These techniques are learned during several years of osteopathic studies. The aim is to re-balance the body so that your overall well-being increases. Often, the ailment or the discomfort can be decreased or even resolved within a few osteopathic sessions.

The reasons, why more people are recommending osteopathy

  • You will experience a positive long-term improvement.
  • The osteopathic techniques are gentle and adjusted to your needs.
  • Osteopathy demands an out-of-the-box-thinking to treat holistically.
  • Osteopathy is environmental friendly.

The osteopathic session

As an osteopath, I work with my hands only; it allows me to exactly address the area which needs to be released. Not only will I address the site of discomfort but also rebalance your body. The long-term improvement of your well-being is the goal. The underlying philosophy is that everything is interconnected.

To reach the goal, my approach is the following:

  • In the first session I conduct a thorough anamnesis,
  • I explain to you the osteopathic session and you are asking questions,
  • and I present to you a treatment plan according to your goals.

In my sessions:

  • I conduct a set of osteopathic techniques.
  • I make an osteopathic diagnosis.
  • I use techniques, which are suitable for you.

Please, contact me, so I can help you with your questions:

  • smile @ happy-molecules.com
  • 0351-37404545
  • I offer treatments in English.