happy-molecules.comAnja Gorillë, MSc. Ost.., D.O. (Quebec) , Heilpraktikerin
photo: Tanis Saucier

In the following techniques I have been trained:

  • cranio-sacral therapy
  • visceral therapy
  • osteopathy for the articulations
  • fascial osteopathy
  • osteopathy after concussions
  • endocrine osteopathy
  • paediatric osteopathy
  • osteopathy of the uro- and gynaecological systems
  • osteopathy and buccal restrictions
  • osteopathy and the immunity system
  • approaches to sports osteopathy
  • osteopath and the lymphatic system

Member of the BVO.


I have been working with clients since 2014. Until 2020 I was working in my own clinic in Montreal.

Since October 2022 I have been following post-graduate studies at Osteopathie Schule Deutschland in cooperation with the Dresden International University.

Since March 2022 I am a registered “Heilpraktikerin”

In 2021 I participated in an intense one-year-preparation course for the “Heilpraktiker” exam, Germany.

2011-2016 I attended the Academy d’Ostéopathie de Montreal. 

For my diploma project, I investigated in how far osteopathy helps improve the wellbeing of individuals who had a concussion.

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Contact Anja

  • smile @
  • 0351-37404545
  • Forststrasse 5, 01099 Dresden


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