Back pain – reasons and preventions

That was it: you did a wrong move and suddenly your back was blocked. You could not move for days and had to take painkillers until the pain subsided a few days later. The most annoying part was that you did not know how to lay, sit or stand to prevent the pain.

Acute back pain can have many causes and the actual reason cannot always be pinned down. Back pain is related to the fine interplay between muscles, nerves and the spinal articulations on the one hand, as well as organs and their ligaments which are attached to the spine on the other hand.

Acute back pain decreases after some days. The osteopath releases tensions around the articulations and the muscles so that new flare-ups are prevented. Photo: pixabay

Often, the back pain decreases after some days. However, it is recommended to investigate the cause of the pain, in order to prevent another flare-up. Osteopaths are trained to investigate the whole body which helps them to find the cause for the pain – when they lay in the realm of osteopathy. Reasons for the back pain could be for example the articulations of the spine or the hip, the muscles or the organs. Osteopaths will release the tension in the specific area. The effects are that you will feel better and a new flare-up of the pain will be prevented, or its intensity of future flare-ups will be diminished; the prevention of pain or the intensity of a new flare-up are related to your overall condition and how much energy you put into caring for a healthy back. In the very last paragraph, more reasons for backpain are outlined, some of them demand a thorough investigation by a medical doctor. As a rule of a thumb, always concult a doctor first, before you head to an osteopath.

What can you do to prevent back pain?

Let’s take a look at activities to do during the day to prevent back pain, which in total will only take you 15 minutes:

  • Give yourself a time-out: Reserve five minutes per day for yourself, where you simply do nothing (except for staring out of the window, drinking your favourite tea or listen to your favourite music etc.).
    5 minutes
  • Stretch: Start the day and end the day with a nice big stretch, half a minute in the morning and in the evening will work wonders.
    1 minute
  • Train the muscles of your back and belly. Simple exercises can be done within a minute at home.
    1 minute
  • Get up when you are sitting at the office desk to stretch, move your legs and arms and walk a bit. If you repeat that procedure every hour for one minute, you are doing yourself a big favour.
    1 minute, 8 times per day
  • Total: 15 minutes
    In summary, you do something good for your back within 15 minutes, spread out during the day.
Taking a time-out from the stress of daily life works wonders in back-pain prevention and increases the overall well-being. Photo: pixabay

If you want to integrate more good things into your life to help you prevent back pain, here come some more suggestions.

  • Drink plentily – water, juices, smoothies and herbal infusions do the trick. When the liquid level in the body drops, back pain is a consequence.
  • Eat healthily: heavy, greasy food is more likely to cause pain in your body than light, plant-based food.
  • Give yourself enough sleep – if possible. I know that especially new parents and individuals under high stress have a hard time sleeping. Whenever you can, give it a try.
  • Avoid heavy lifting or use a special aid if you need to lift something heavy.
  • If you are pregnant, work with an osteopath, especially in the second trimester and after you have given birth. Your body changes so much within nine months, that it will be grateful for a little make-over.
  • Consciously plan outdoor-time: be it with the bike, the walk in the park or ice-skating in the winter. More outdoor activities are good for everyone.
  • Dance – dancing is a pretty good prevention for back pain and all kinds of diseases, and so are yoga, Nordic walking, surfing and pilates
Biking to work and back home helps to prevent back pain. Photo: pixabay

More reasons for back pain

There are reasons for back pain, which are not obvious. Some of them stated, demand a thorough investigation by a medical doctor:

  • Herniated Disc
  • Obesity
  • Arthrosis
  • Whiplash
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cold air
  • Pinched nerve
  • Tumours or metastases
  • Inflammation of the articulation
  • Suboptimal circulation