A case study – scar tissue and lower back pain

The lady in her 70s had been suffering from lower back pain caused by a herniated disc, that radiated as a sharp pain on the back side of her right leg (all along the way of the sciatic nerve), while sitting, standing and moving.

She reported that she herniated the disc about 20 years ago while carrying a heavy load. Furthermore she had had a kidney removed in her 30s. The scar tissue from the removal in her subcostal region was a big interfering field; the skin was hardened and cold. It demanded a big portion of attention and had urgently to be integrated into the treatment. A fascial treatment in the upper and deep regions released the tissue and gave back its suppleness.

In the following, treating the organs that surrounded the missing kidney, relieved the spine. The fascial integration of the base of the spine and the base of the skull helped to minimize the pain in the lower back.

After this one treatment, two weeks later, the lady reported that the lower back pain had completely resolved, also the radiating pain into her leg had strongly diminished, she would be completely pain free during her daily activities. Since the treatment she had started to do yoga again (what she stopped 30 years ago). She said, that the pinching pain would only come back when she went too deep into a certain yoga pose, but it would not at all be as sharp as before.