7 surprisingly easy steps to sleep a good sleep

Thousands of individuals here in Quebec seek a peaceful sleep. Instead they make the night a day.

Here are some tips how to make it easier to find sleep.

1. Regularity: Go to bed and wake up at around the same time – also on the weekend. If you change your rhythm on the weekend you create your own jet leg (the famous weekend headaches).

2. Cool the room: 18°C – 16°C.

3. Do not eat and sleep. Let your stomach digest before you rest. Before you go to bed waive alcohol and cigarettes. Drink your last coffee or green tea at noon, the same goes for chocolate (it contains caffeine).


4. Switch off all lights. The light influences the production of melatonin. This hormone regulates the sleep. The same applies for light sources such as fancy LED watches and cellphones.

5. Put clocks and watches away so you don’t see them when lying in bed. Thus you avoid the need to control the time.

6. Before you go to bed, relax. Read a book, talk about nice things, have your partner give you a back rub. Do something relaxing. Sex is good, too.

7. Sleeping well is important for the health and the body regeneration. To be effective during the day, pay attention to your sleep.

Good night!