Why is vitamin D3 so important?

Vitamin D3 is produced by the stimulus of ultraviolet radiation whose source is the sunlight. In order to be efficient it needs support by vitamin K and fat.

The body produces vitamin D3 by the help of the sun; having fun outside catching some daylight gooses the production of the vitamin.

  • It is so essential cause it keeps the bones healthy and supports the repairing and healing processes of the body thus preventing all kinds of degenerative damage.

How come so many people take D3 supplements?

The time most of the modern creatures spend outside is way too short to catch a decent amount of ultraviolet radiation which is the key source of D3, especially in winter. Recommended are 20 minutes to 4 hours of sunlight daily. (Quite a range.)

sticking the nose out to the sun

But even those who enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in the summer chances are high the body won’t get enough sun. There is another component interfering: sun blockers. By stopping all kinds of radiation entering through the skin it likewise disconnects the body cells from their source to produce the vitamin: without ultraviolet radiation no vitamin D3.

Thus a lot of people discover vitamin D3 supplements making up for the deficit. Another way of getting enough is a change in lifestyle and nutrition. I agree, that goes beyond the scope here. 😉

How to help the body absorbing D3?

No matter how D3 is received it only can do its job when two other major components are likewise present: vitamin K and fat. The first can be found in magnesium or zinc, the latter in avocados, butter and fresh cream, for example.

Have a nice weekend! 🙂