Caesarean Scar Tissue – The Body’s Secret Pain

Medical doctors consider caesarian scar tissue like any other scar tissue. Affected women disagree on that, since the scar is connected to strong emotion and bodily impairment.

How a woman’s body reacts to a caesarean

The cut is made through the skin, the abdominal muscles, and the three layers of the uterus causing corporeal troubles: affecting the static of the posture, effecting adherence and disposition of the bladder, uterus and intestines inhibiting the movement of the organs, perturbing the digestion. Furthermore, due to the malfunctioning of the abdominal muscles, back, shoulder pain and even migraine can be the result.

Pic: adhesion caused by scar tissue inhibiting the movements of uterus, bladder, intestines

How emotions can be affected

Emotionally, a caesarian scar tissue can be the source of stress, anxiety or depression. The scar symbolizes vulnerability and can give the woman the feeling of having missed fire during birth and likewise inhibit her sexuality.

What holistic medical experts say

According to holistic medical experts, scar tissue is considered as the cause for functional and energetic blockages in the body; furthermore it accumulates stressful bodily and emotional memories. It perturbs the energy flow and depicts an interfering field since the procedure cuts the meridians or energy gates: below the scar there is an overflow of energy causing pain in the knees, varicose or swollen legs. Above the scar the energy is lacking, creating troubles with the thymus gland, evoking back pain, migraines, a false carpal tunnel syndrome or even inflammation of the chest. As a matter of fact, these symptoms can appear years after the procedure.

Pic: adhesion kinking and distorting the tubes

How holistic treatments help to resolve energy blockages

Experts recommend several treatment approaches: osteopathy mobilizes the organs, the scar and the connective tissue, resolving blockages and emotional memories. Foot reflexology and acupuncture dissolve energy blockages and diminish the pain likewise. The effects are not scientifically proven, but persons concerned report that the symptoms dissipate spontaneously after disintegrating the interference field.


Pic: adhesion of the uterus to the abdominal wall

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