Why Do I Believe in Osteopathy?

When I had my first encounter with osteopathy five years ago, I instantly fell in love with the profession. I changed my career plans 180 degree, stopped public relations and jumped right into the training. Every day of my career is worth it and every day I learn something new.

Why did I choose a health profession where the positive impact of the treatment cannot really be measured in numbers?

Because I believe that osteopathy helps individuals to feel better and to be happier.

The feedback I have is in under hands: how does the body feel before and after the treatment. And then there is the feedback of the clients, saying things like: “I feel so much better already.”, “The tensions are gone.”, “You gave my life quality back.”

Let me give you a short description, of what osteopathy is: it is a manual health protection therapy using precise palpation. It re-mobilizes restricted body parts, resolves blockages and tensions. Thus, the body is empowered in a natural way to restore its own balance, which provides the base for health and well-being.

I treat children and adults likewise; the techniques help many individuals of all ages.

Here are some examples:

  • Office workers suffer most often from back and shoulder pain. The treatment soothes the discomfort.
  • Sportswomen and –men experience specific lesions in their articulations, be it in the foot, the knee, the hip etc. Osteopathy offers techniques to liberate the articulation.
  • Every kind of body work takes its toll, be it for an artist or a craftsman. The therapist liberates the body part which is used the most.
  • Also in professions where the voice is used a lot, the treatments are highly effective.
  • Children encounter various kinds of infections, to strengthen the immune system. Osteopathy supports the body, so that the immune system works better.
  • Children explore their environment, as a natural result small accidents happen every now and then. Osteopathy is a prevention that releases the tensions of the small accidents.
  • Individuals who undergo stressful periods in their lives often have unspecified discomfort which is a sign that the organs are overloaded. Several treatments can liberate the body.
  • In accidents like a whiplash, the tissue around the spot of impact is irritated, which can be felt as head and neck pain. Osteopathy releases the tensions.
  • In individuals who had surgeries, the body has to adapt to support the scar tissue. The therapeutic sessions release the scar tissue.
  • The body of a woman undergoes major changes during a life time: childhood, puberty, career, partnership, pregnancy, giving birth, motherhood, menopause, graceful age. At any period, osteopathy accompanies a woman’s body to better adapt to these changes.

That’s why I do osteopathy. It shows the body how to heal itself, to literally allow nature to kick in, and thus it helps many of us to feel better, healthier and happier!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions feel free to contact me: smile @ happy – molecules. com.