Playing Resistency Roulette With Antibiotics

Playing roulette with antibiotics – to avoid antibiotic resistance, you should pay attention to some simple rules when using the medication:
– they only help with bacterial infections (i.e. bacterial pneumonia, urinary tract infections)
– they are prescribed after surgery to prevent bacterial infections
– they are prescribed when you have a big wound for the same reason
– they are useless with viral infections (otis, sinusitis, bronchitis)
– ask your medical doctor!
– always finish the prescribed amount (even when there is no sign of disease anymore, finish it), Remaining bacterias develop resistances, then you are f***ed.
– never share with family members
– ask your medical doctor if it is okay in your case to take the oldest antibiotic available, such as penicillin
– know that they do not only kill the “bad” bacteria, but also the “good” ones; therefore be prepared for a perturbation of your digestive tract when taking antibiotics
– apart from that, make sure to stay in good health, so that ideally you don’t need any medical prescription at all 😉

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