What do the body and computers have in common? And what does osteopathy have to do with it?

The body functions like a computer, yet it is far more sophisticated. The most intelligent machine on this planet is processing and storing information simultaneously and automatically with precision, not only in the brain, but most importantly on a cellular level everywhere in our body.

To process information, cells need specific characteristics. Like a computer needs software to process files, cells create intelligent conglomerates to process information. These information come in form of molecules and atoms. The intelligent conglomerates are for example the respiratory or digestive system, where cells work together to perform specific tasks.

For example, the respiratory system takes in the oxygen molecules. The cardio-vascular system transports them via blood cells to muscle cells where the oxygen molecules help to produce muscular movement. The transformed gas, carbon dioxide, is excreted from the cells and brought back via blood stream to the respiratory cells to be exhaled into the air.

Like a computer needs updates, a body is kept healthy by physical practice, time to rest and replenish. These things can easily be done by doing all kinds of exercises you like: judo, yoga, tai chi, jogging, rugby, soccer, circus playing. Every kind of exercise is allowed as long as you like it. Pay attention to what you eat and be good with yourself. Practice to identify thoughts that are lingering on in your mind and let them go.

On top of that, allow yourself some professional treatments from time to time. Be it a massage, acupuncture or osteopathy. Done regularly, they help you to maintain your life quality and you can can even improve it.

Since I am practicing osteopathy, let me quickly explain how this approach can help you: Osteopathy is designed to resolve tensions on a physical level, due to sickness, injuries, life changing events or the lifestyle in general.

The treatments should ideally be started in childhood and be repeated during a lifetime, once to three times a year, depending on the person.

Consider you body like a piano, a car or a computer. All these things need an inspection from time to time. Your body does as well – and it will be thankful for these small mercies.

If you have any questions about osteopathy, please do not hesitate to ask me know! Thank you.