Can Osteopathy do something in cases of scoliosis?

During my talk at Ericsson this week the audience asked, if osteopathy can improve posture, especially in the cases of leg differences and scoliosis.

I would like to answer the question like this: every case has to be considered individually. That includes the age, the previous history, the general health as well as possible genetic predispositions.

In fact, osteopathy helps to enhance the well-being, release restrictions and mobility limitations in the body. It is sure that when the client feels no, or a reduced pain, that she/he usually will use the body in a different way, i.e. walk, sit, stand differently. But it does not imply, that a scoliosis  or a leg difference will automatically be reduced.

As a general advice I recommend to talk to your osteopath in order to learn more about your specific case. Sometimes even a medical examination might be necessary.