Osteopathy and therapeutic yoga – a beneficial combination!

The need for movement is evolutionarily anchored in our systems; yet we are aware of the fact, that in these times most of us move way too little – due to our jobs that often require computer work and our lifestyles favoring car drives. The price to pay is high: the consequences for the body are lax muscles, stiff articulations, damaged vessels and a slow blood circulation.

See your body as a garden that you take care of

Now, what can yoga therapy and osteopathy do for us under these conditions?
Both approaches are very effective prevention measures favoring the mobility of the body and thus supporting health; once the mobility is established, the body is empowered to replenish and to heal itself. When we move or when blockages are resolved we literally activate a cascade of empowerment and fabulous things happen in our bodies: the blood circulation enhances, the muscles tone and the articulations lubricate, the immune system and blood vessels are strengthened and the nervous system is stimulated. Through that, happy hormones like serotonin and melatonin are released, the feeling of wellbeing emerges, the mood improves and stabilizes, the concentration enhances. In short we feel healthier and more attractive and we are healthier and more attractive indeed!

Imagine a well-maintained, watered garden that blossoms to its heart content. Yoga is the daily maintenance and enjoying the beauty of the garden. Osteopathy is the general overhaul that is necessary from time to time.  In this way therapeutic yoga should be done every day, for at least ten minutes; the visit at an osteopath’s clinic is recommended about three times a year in order to support your health and wellbeing.

Learn more about the benefits of yoga and osteopathy at the Ericsson Staff Presentation on January 29th 12-1pm, Montreal.