Three mindstes you need to try to make sports more fun

In this video I will cover some reasons, why I find it is beneficial for your health to do more sports. It is, of course, up to the individual to decide to do something or to relax on the couch.

There are three main components that I find crucial to make sports fun.

1. Consistency – you have to be consistent. It is not enough to go to the gym once a month. If you are on and off you will never get the results you desire. Consistency is key when you want to stay
in a good mental, physical and emotional health.

2. Teamplay – it is simply more fun to do some sports together with friends,
collegues and family members than to do a monotonous workout on your own.
Some people like the alone sport, though. It depends on your type.

3. Connect with your body – when you are capable of connecting with your body,
the sport will be even more beneficial. You breathe better, you respect your
limits and you know when you can push yourself a little bit more. In yoga, for example, we want to connect with the body because it calms down the mental bahblahs.