5 reasons why you should exercise more

My clients often agree with me that it is beneficial for them to move more. Those who take care of their health by doing sports regularly report tremendous positive side effects.

They sleep better
Their mood improves
They experience less pain
They recover faster

Some of them just had babies, some of them are working more than 40 hours per week.
But these people manage to still find time for sports.
The reason is: they are motivated and see the bigger picture.

Today, I am presenting you five points why I think we all should move more.



1.       We will die in a better shape.

It may seem morbid and
superficial at first. The truth is, that we all have the choice to be a stiff grumpy old
person. Or a senior who enjoys life and the people around them. The sport
definitely helps to keep a good mindset.

2.       A 77-year old client proves everybody wrong.

A cline to of mine is off his
heart and cholesterol pills. He attends yoga and Pilates classes regularly, he
checks in with his doctors, and he sees me from time to time. On top of that, he
reads books and has put together his own routine of work-out. And he does it
every day. That is why he is in such a good shape and leaves doctors surprised.
And I am sure that you also know people in your circle, who should be old, but
who are not because they take care of themselves.

3.       Your body will adjust

If you decide to hang out on the
couch every day, your body will develop the necessary “muscles”. If you decide to
get up and move, your body will adjust accordingly. No matter how old you are,
it is never too late to start something. The question simply is: what is your
goal and how do you feel about it? Whatever you do, over time, your body will
create the muscles and physical strength necessary to accomplish it.

4.       It will pay off

When you invest in your body, you
invest in your future. Again, you can be grumpy and stiff, or you are the
person who enjoys being surrounded by their grandchildren. You can be the
person who complains about every ache and pain, or you are the person who still
loves to take the challenges the youngsters come up with. Physical strength is not a
question of age. It is a question of mindset. And when you invest consistently in your health and physical strength it will pay off later when you need it, for example after a surgery, because you then have the ability to recover faster.

5.       Because it is fun

You cannot move more when you
don’t like it. You have to find something that talks to your heart and makes
sense for you. Just because your friend likes boot camp it does not mean that
you have to like boot camp, too. Maybe you like tennis or jogging or yoga. However,
it can mean that you get inspired by the stuff your friend does. And also, I
think, when you do the sports you love doing, you will have less craving for a
sweet reward afterward. Because you already rewarded yourself.

Also, check out the video, where I will cover some more points concerning the benefits of physical activity.