Thanks to your referrals, I can help a good cause

Thank you my dear clients for the referrals over the past years. You helped me to help your family members, friends, and co-workers. It means a lot to me!

At this point, allow me to share with you a wonderful thing that has happened due to your trust. Thanks to many referrals on the Facebook page Parents NDG, the “Fondation de la Visite” found me and contacted me to ask if I could help them with a little patient. The foundation helps pregnant women, young mothers and their children. I gladly accepted. Without the help of you, dear group members, this would have never been possible. Thank you very much, also in the name of the little bundle of joy!

More about La Fondation de la Visite (founded in 1988):

The foundation offers a «free home visitation program for parents and new born babies». The foundation offers

  • Home visits
  • Telephone support
  • Informs about infrastructures and resources in the different neighbourhoods of Montreal
  • Workshops, family outings and celebrations
  • Maternity starter kits for pregnant women referred by health and community resources  

It receives the support of governments, private foundations, Health Services, and community partners.