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Like most of us, you may see your body as being consist of toes, arms, the organs, eyes, the brain, and so on. It is true. But the compound element, which brings all of it into existence, is water. More than half of your body is made of water. Your skin, the brain, the heart and even your bones need a fair amount of the liquid element to work properly. Water is the compound of your cells and the blood. Let me give you some examples: Your vertebral discs are composed of 95 percent of water. Your brain and your heart consist of 75 percent of water.

The reason why I am telling you this is because my patients often confess that they do not drink enough. If you are like most adults then you drink about a liter per day, some even only swallow the amount of two or three tiny glasses. It is not the end of the world, but your life quality could improve immensely, simply by adding a bit more water. Let me introduce you to some fascinating facts about the benefits of drinking more water.

Here are some refreshing facts about water, which may convince you to drink more of it

P.S. tea, coffee, and coke do not count as drinking. They remove water from the body.

Before we start with the water, let’s look at the breathing. You breathe because you need the oxygen. Without oxygen, you would die within three minutes (unless you are an apnoea diver). The breathing is something the body does for you. It is the gift of your body and you don’t need to do anything about it. It just happens.

Now, let’s have a look at the water. Try to go without water and you die within the next three to five days. Water is the second most important source your body needs. However, other than breathing, you have to consciously execute the act of drinking by yourself. Let me get philosophical: in a symbolic way, water allows you to show how much you care about yourself.  Drinking water is a symbol of you caring for and being in charge of yourself and your wellbeing.

Water keeps you healthy and literally reduces stress. Water flushes out bacteria and pathogens. If you drink a low amount of water daily, your body is still capable of doing the job but it is harder and more effort for it. To help your body doing its job as smoothly as possible, drink a healthy amount of water daily (1.5 to 2 liters). If you do so, bacterias will be flushed out faster. Also, your kidneys say “thank you” because they can do their job more easily.

Water reduces pain. Above we mentioned, that the vertebral discs are made of 95 percent of water. You can reduce some kinds of lower back pain by drinking enough because you will lubricate the discs. As much as the spinal pain, you can reduce pain in your joints by drinking water, as well. They are surrounded by a liquid, called the synovial liquid. Hence, your joints (like the knee joints, the shoulders etc.) work best when you keep them lubricated.
You also can reduce some kind of upper back pain by drinking more water. The tissue of the heart is consist of 75 percent of water; through ligaments, it is connected to your upper spine. If you drink a healthy amount of water daily, the ligaments around the heart move better and thus reduce the pulling on your spine. As a consequence, the pain is reduced.

Your brain consists of about 75 percent of water and it swims in a liquid, called the cerebral spinal liquid, which is renewed every day. The liquid acts as a shock absorber for your brain. To reduce some kinds of headaches and to improve your thinking, drinking water does the trick.

Water is the motor of your cells. Your cells need the liquid element to keep their metabolism going and to renew themselves effectively.
And lastly, give your skin a natural glow by drinking a bit more water.

If you decide to drink more water daily, your body will go through an adjustment phase. For the first one or two weeks, you might find yourself attending the washroom more often. By the time your body will get used to the higher amount of water and you will have to go less often.

It is not necessary to drink a lot of water only. By eating fresh fruits and veggies, you provide your body with the liquid element, as well.

A fun fact: water carries memories. Have you heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto? He photographed water crystals after the water was exposed to different words, like Gratitude, Peace, Hate, Love and so on.  Watch the video of the results here: If you like symbolic acts, it is fun to thank your water for refreshing you before you drink it.


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