What is it with us women?

Several years back my mother introduced me to the book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”, by Christiane Northrup. The book appeared first in 1994. Northrup, an OB/GYN physician, gives insights into the female soul and mind and how they are mirrored in the body.

The most surprising thing for me was, that in the early 90 she already mentioned the im-balance between male and female in society: “Because being male has always been considered the norm in our culture, most women internalize the idea that something is basically wrong with their bodies”, (Northrup, 2010, p.13).

Even now, nearly 20 years later, for many women, this statement is still true. Many women still do not trust their bodies fully. They are in doubt about themselves, their intuition and their inner power. I know the struggles, women fight because I can see it when they come in for a session. Sometimes they do not need to say how they truly feel or what it is that deep inside occupies their minds and hearts, the answer is obvious. In most cases, their suffering has to do with the social doctrine (and thus the unconscious teachings during the upbringing) that women are somewhat wrong.

photos: pixabay

I would love every woman to understand that this is not so. Every woman is unique and has a wonderful power inside. Sometimes it is hard work to bring the power back into the heart, but it is there, even if it seems to hide. I wish that every woman would accept herself the way she is, that you, my dear woman, friend, mother, and sister, would learn to accept and love yourself the way you are.

Northrup’s book helps you understand better the social dynamics. It helps you understand how your body functions and why it has the symptoms that it has. It helps you understand that some things can be resolved with inner work and the bravery to look at that what we reject… and to learn to accept it, step by step.

I think, the book is a must-read for every woman in the western world. To understand her role as a woman better and to open the path for more empathy and compassion for oneself and for other women.

website of Dr. Christiane Northrup: https://www.drnorthrup.com/about/