Snacks supporting your thyroid gland

One of her new books my mother had presented to me recently is called “Thyroid Healing”, by Anthony Williams. In his several books which he has written, he strongly recommends focussing on plant-based food to nourish the body instead of eating meat and processed foods. He also favors fruits over vegetables, because the glucose is supportive of the brain function. (Tbh, me personally, I slightly favor fruits over veggies naturally).

In the present book, one of my favorite pages covers food combinations which are apparently supportive of the thyroid gland. I don’t know if it could be proven in a medical research. However, the combinations taste extremely well and are suitable as a snack, therefore I want to present them to you.

photos: pixabay

snacks to support your thyroid gland

Pear + Ruccola

Blueberries + Papaya

Apple + Cauliflower

Celery + Dates

Raspberries + Mandarins


To read more, find Antony Willams latest book here: