Making decisions is hard for you? Your gallbladder may need some attention

photo: pixabay, the gallbladder, and the digestive system

The gallbladder is situated under the lower edge of the liver, on the right side of the body. It produces the bile, a product your body needs to digest the food (especially fat) when it arrives at the duodenum. Many people have stones in the gallbladder, in some individuals those stones can lead to blockages and pain. Bile stones appear when the bile acid and the minerals cholesterin, bilirubin and calcium are in imbalance. Bile stones in itself are not dangerous. The danger emerges when the stones block the bile duct. Two problems arise then: the bile duct is blocked with a stone and the fluid cannot be released into the duodenum, thus complicating digestion. On the other hand, bacterias from the duodenum can enter the gallbladder and cause inflammation in the tissue.

The gallbladder: organ of self-realization

Tha gallbladder stands for determination, the power of decision making and the realization of the self. If the gallbladder is weakened, anger and aggression are related emotions. Note: not everyone allows the anger to be shown, some individuals direct the anger and aggression inwards.

The gallbladder stands in relation to the thyroid gland and the hypophysis.

What helps the gallbladder?

The gallbladder does not like fatty and fried foods. Avoid them. People often have gallbladder problems after a fatty, rich meal.

Herbal infusions with fennel, caraway seeds, and camomille support the gallbladder.

How does acute gallbladder pain arise?

When you intake fatty foods, the gallbladder retracts so that the bile acid can be ejected into the small intestines. If a stone gets stuck in the bile duct, it becomes a painful object. That is called acute biliary colic. It releases after an hour.

Chronic pain is expressed by a slight pain in the right upper belly, under your ribcage. The pain arises every now and then.

How do gallbladder problems feel like?

Pain arising from the gallbladder can cause a
– light pressure on the right upper side of the belly – under the rib cage
– pain in the left shoulder
– pain in the back of the left rib cage
– stabbing pain around the heart area
– shoulder-neck-pain
– torticollis
– a migraine on the left side
– pain behind the left eye
– digestive pain that resembles irritable bowel syndrome
– itchy skin
– deficiency symptoms: fatigue, slow at performing, irritability, dry, itchy skin, slow healing of wounds
– craving for sweets
– anger, depression
– trouble falling asleep
– darker urine – lighter stools
– a constant need for burping
– being in a rush
– tinnitus
– waking up between 11 pm and 1 am
– intolerance to: alcohol, coffee, chocolate, eggs, onions, pork meat

Why is it bad to have too little bile acid?

The bile digests the fat. That process happens in the intestines. When there is too little bile acid, the fat will not be resolved and remains in the intestines. It sticks to the intestinal walls. The consequence: minerals, vitamins and trace minerals cannot be absorbed properly through the intestinal walls leading to deficiency symptoms such as fatigue, low performance, irritability, dry skin and slow wound healing.

What can medical doctors do?

If you suspect a gallbladder problem, first and foremost, talk to your doctor. They exercise an ultrasound on the gallbladder. If there are a lot of stones, there are several options:

– external treatment with shockwaves, it is called extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
– keyhole surgery – the stone blocking the bile duct will be removed
– surgical removal of the gallbladder if it is full of stones.
– resolving the stones with medication

What can you do for yourself?

– physical activity outside
– regular sleep
– regular meals (the gallbladder loves regularity)
– avoid fatty and fried food (saturated fatty acids)
– avoid industrially refined sugar
– explore your emotions and be honest with yourself about them
– drink herbal infusions with fennel, caraway seeds, camomille
– talk to a naturopath about herbal medication to support your gallbladder

Can osteopathy help?

Usually, sessions for the gallbladder have good results, given that the symptoms are not acute. Before an osteopath exercises a session on the gallbladder, the whole body will be checked to find the truly disruptive element.

Osteopaths have certain maneuvers for the gallbladder and the related organs liver, bile duct, pancreas, and spleen. If for example, the gallbladder is the main cause of your trouble from an osteopathic point of view, the related organs are likewise considered during the sessions, to restore holistic balance.

Note that osteopaths cannot resolve stones. We help the body by releasing tensions, rebalancing the interaction between the organs and giving the tissue more space so that the body is motivated to use its innate healing powers.

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