Improve your health with three simple tricks

In this post, I will show you three things you can do right away to improve your life quality and help support your health. I can tell you a secret, which is actually not a secret at all: sleep improves your health.

1 Simply relax

I know, it is not easy to find time to de-stress yourself and keep the craziness outside. However, it is crucial for your health to take a time-out every now and then. When you do it, you will naturally be more present. And this is beneficial for yourself, your children, your partner, friends and family.

There are many ways to relax. The best is, to find your own style and get inspired by role models. Meditation or prayer, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation are good points to start. The use of  incenses or oils can help you with that.  A stroll in the park, the woods or by the water nourishes the body, clears the lungs and help the eyes do de-stress.

Relaxing is healthy. On the long term you should detect the biggest stressors in your life an eliminate them.


2 Pay attention to your breathing

Many people tell me that they forget to breathe. The good news is that this is actually not true. You cannot not breathe. Your body does it automatically. What these people really mean is that they are not conscious of their breathing.

The breathing changes with the situation you are in. In a stressful situation the breathing is shallow and fast. When you are relaxed, your breathing is deep, long and slow. There are many breathing techniques to help you be conscious of your breathing:

Inhale through the nose 8 consecutive times – exhale one full exhalation (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 – hold the breath – exhale).

Here you learn more breathing techniques.

Breathing helps you to be more conscious. Note: If you have a health condition ask your physician for advise.

3 Simply Sleep

Most of us live a life, which is characterized by too little sleep. Too many things need to be accomplished. And too many times we do not even know where to start. To be better organized, to focus better and to get things done faster, sleep is crucial. Sleep improves your health because during sleep the body regenerates itself. Bottom line: to live a healthier life, simply sleep. The best time to sleep is before midnight and in general you should sleep around eight hours. 

Children, even older ones, should take a nap around noon-time. It helps them to be more focussed and concentrated. They will be more cooperative in the afternoon and are able to do their homework with more ease.

Sleep is beneficial for adults and children likewise. If you experience trouble sleeping over a long period of time, talk to your physician.